Claire is a fantastic teacher who always finds the best way to encourage and motivate the student. Her lessons are interesting and well thought through. She is very competent and uses a variety of teaching methods to make a lesson fun, but at the same time reinforce covered material in an effortless manner. I am very impressed with her approach and her passion for teaching.

I have been studying with Claire for 2 years, and have thoroughly enjoyed the lessons. Having studied A-Level French about 10 years ago, I have acquired some bad habits and forgotten a lot of the grammar and rules! Claire has been very thorough and clear in helping me revise and relearn these topics, and we are now working towards a DELF B2 exam. She is always able to answer and explain clearly any question, and is also very knowledgeable about the history of French language as well as French culture.

Claire has been teaching French to our daughter for nearly 2 years now. She is very nice and professional. She is teaching French through Skype as we are living abroad and couldn't find a proper French teacher near where we live. Even though it is more complicated to teach French through Skype, my daughter is really happy to learn with Claire and has been improving a lot her speaking, reading and grammar.

Claire Helped me for my final exams for my university degree of French. Claire was an exceptional help because her knowledge of French is second to none. Claire has a highly detailed knowledge of the culture and politics of France as well as history and current events.Furthermore, she was able to help me on some advanced grammar which sometimes can be a problem for native speakers as it is just natural for them to say it without having a technical reason. Claire was also able to help me with my speaking and writing skills in preparation for my exam and went the extra mile by coming to our lessons with research she had done for the topics I was studying. Claire was a pleasure to work with and always had interesting and insightful views.

Claire understood exactly what I needed from the sessions and combines an easy manner with due rigour. I always take something of value from the lessons while Claire is pleasant, personable and easy to deal with.

I have had French conversation classes for one year with a friend.
Claire encourages you to speak freely, correcting mistakes in a sensitive way that doesn't interrupt the flow of the conversation. She also managed to balance the needs of two students at quite different levels, setting up role plays that allowed us to interact, and explaining grammar and vocabulary points clearly and concisely. Claire also helped me with some translations from French and with drafting letters.

Claire has been teaching French to my partner and I for the last 14 months. We have a weekly 1 hr session. She is very professional and very thorough. She pre-plans each lesson and works with books and other reference tools, but in the main we work through conversation. Claire is very attentive to our individual abilities and adjusts tasks accordingly.
Claire also makes it a very enjoyable experience.